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Unique Marketplace Platform : To buy, sell, supply, expose or promote your services

Clickcool is a simple and efficient platform.

It's about provider an easy to use service, so that clients can concentrate on their core business and save time and money.

The platform does not require any specific skills. It's designed for individuals and businesses to launch new products, brands or promote your business.

Clickcool is based on the three pillars EAT : Expertise, Authority, Trust. Constantly evoling, the platform, unique in digital marketing, can help you to promote your activities and to position you on the search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Content is king. It is presented clearly, with a sharp level of detail, while respecting the standards of search engines. High-quality and well-structured content enables optimal SEO, and significantly increases the number of visits and conversion rates.

Clickcool combines a number of website marketing techniques, including:

  • - SEO (Search Engine Optimization), organic referencing
  • - SEM (Search Engine Marketing) 
  • - SMO (Social Media Optimization), optimization for social networks

Our platform also offers many other effective marketing solutions such as paid advertising. Click here for more information.

The virtual showcase

The virtual showcase website is a a fully autonomous website, presenting your activities in a professional and detailed manner. Use of the showcase is intuitive and easy, so that customers can quickly find the necessary information, while meeting the following standards:

  • ✔ The "One-Page Information Set" - About Your Activity - structured by tabs. The key contact information (address, phone number, email, contact form) as all easily accessible.
  • ✔ The user experience is fluid and the design is adapted to your industry.
  • ✔ Images, videos and other media can be easily added, allowing your business to be illustrated in a professional and engaging manner.
  • ✔ The site complies with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards, a good quality indicator which promotes efficient referencing.
  • ✔ Content is updated through the publication of ads and promotions, customized for SEO.


Clickcool allows you to present your business in a clear and understandable way, allowing users to quickly understand your business and your services, and the content is optimized for readability.

Clickcool facilitates the meeting of individuals and professionals, by adapting the services according to each industry. This technological advantage makes Clickcool a unique marketplace.

Professionals can be accompanied during the initial set-up of the virtual showcase - we can help you configure your site, and we advise you step by step. Your information and images are well structured in the page, to ensure its success and above all your success.

We want to enable your clients to find you easily and to present a positive image.

The pages created summarize the activity of your company, and display your services and contact information in an easily reachable format. Each page is automatically integrated into the Clickcool market and is fully autonomous, geo-localized but also customizable.

Corporate Showcase
This is a virtual showcase with a fully customizable design.

This is ideal for clients who do not have a website, so can use this space to with their own custom domain name (www.yourcompany.com).

The showcase is completely customizable, with a wide choice of templates (themes).

You can enter up to five keywords per showcase, allowing the indexation of your site to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Optional modules include:

  • ✔ Portfolio: inventory of your products and/or services
  • ✔ E-commerce: create a shop to sell your products online
  • ✔ Hotel or restaurant reservations: allow customers to reserve tables or rooms online in an easy and comprehensive way.

Commercial ads and display advertising
Like advertising campaigns on social networks, Clickcool can serve targeted ads. They can be displayed in several languages, including an image and text. The ads may target a target audience segment. The advertiser then defines up to 5 keywords that identify the business sector.

The ads are automatically attached to your virutal showcase, to create a synergy between the services.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
It's about optimizing your showcase on search engine results. Our technology and algorithms allow us to use the power of Google and Bing to position our customers more effectively in search engines.

The showcases facilitate the double natural referencing thanks to the integrated virtual showcase, allowing you to benefit from the Clickcool marketplace at national and international levels, according to your long or short term objectives.

Les showcases are also equipred with traffic measurement tools (web analytics) in order to analyze your e-potential. Other specific information about your business is collected to help adapt our services to your needs.

When your showcase is activated, it is reviewed by our team to find and correct any human errors. From then on, your company is integrated into our local market with the help of a professional business directory. Combined with our advanced technology, this will guarantee you ranking on search engines.

Your virtual showcase offers double advantages:

  • ✔ Guiding your visitors
  • ✔ Improved ranking of your important pages and your promotional ads

It is important for you to have a clear and well constructured description. It must be focused on your areas of expertise, well structured and regularly updated.

Regular publication of ads, which are automatically attached to your showcase, can help you quickly reach your goals.

SEO has become vitally important for websites. Companies must seek to be well positioned in search results.

Top places in results are mostly occupied by big brands or by well-structured and optimized sites.

With Clickcool, professionals can join forces for significantly improved visibility. No need to pay expensive fees for SEO or paid ranking. Clickcool does the work automatically, allowing you to benefit from our reputation. Your business will be much more visible on the web, drawing more traffic.

Clickcool is a long-term investment that produces short-term results, designed for professionals seeking serious, reliable and effective solutions.



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